Stichting Texels Museum

Museum Kaap Skil is part of the Stichting Texels Museum, which includes Ecomare, the House of Antiquities and the Lighthouse.

At Ecomare see seals and all sorts of marine animals very close up. The museum part of the center is about nature on Texel and the sea. There is also a sea aquarium and a special hall with whale skeletons.  Ecomare is a combination of a marine sanctuary, nature museum, aquarium and education center. See

The lighthouse on the island is located on the northern tip. The old tower from 1864 was heavily damaged during the 2e World War. A new wall was built around the damaged one. You can walk between the two walls on the fourth floor. At the top, you stand 45 meters above sea level and have a terrific view of the Wadden Sea and Texel.

The House of Antiquities is a historical museum in Den Burg. Inside you find antique furniture and utensils and information about life back in the early days. The herbal garden is a small paradise.

For annual reports, the CLA and Strategic Plan (all in Dutch): see the Stichting Texels Museum website.