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Programs and arrangements

For schools and groups, there are extra activities for experiencing Museum Kaap Skil. The museum is a treasure chest full with stories from islanders and sailors. Meet these remarkable figures in the special programs and arrangements. Feel free to contact us (no obligation) for more information or for a customized program. Click here to open the contact form.

Entrance fee schools

€ 5.25 per person, including introduction, based on availability.

‘Jutter’ (beachcombers) stories

They’re still around: beachcombers who go the beach during westerly winds, hoping to find somewhere on the beach that one unusual, fantastic unrivaled object, that everyone is jealous of. The darker the clouds, the harder the rain, the more the wind blows, the better it is for the beachcomber, the ‘jutter’, on the beach. No one else visible, no officials around. The beach is for the beachcomber. The beachcombers tell their stories with humor, but also with a critical look at consumption and pollution. A plea for freedom and adventure close to home.

Beachcombing stories as introduction for schools is free. The price for groups and companies (max. 50 people) is € 80.- (30 minutes).


Tour of Fort De Schans (outdoor program)

More than 400 years ago, a fort commissioned by William of Orange was built on Texel to protect North-Holland from invasions by Spanish armies. This fort, built from soil and and stone, still stands and has an interstingl history. Under guidance, groups can visit the fort and divulge into Dutch history. The fort dates back to 1574 and was expanded by Napoleon. What have sea battles, court disputes, strange diseases and dike reinforcements to do with Fort de Schans? The guide is ready to tell it all!

Number of participants: max 30
Days: based on availability of the guide
Cost: € 175.- per school group
The price for groups and companies (max. 30 people) is € 265.-

Jacob Haafner’s Sea Chest – Interactive stories

On June 25 1766, the ship Luxemburg from the Dutch East India Company (VOC) departed from the Roads of Texel for India, on the other side of the world. The 11-year old Jacob Haafner, who joined the company together with his father, was on board the Luxemburg. The adventure of Jacob and the experiences of other young boys in the service of the VOC form the basis for Jacob Haafner’s stories. What did the boys take along for their travels, what was life on board like, who were their shipmates and why did they make such a long voyage to begin with? Using the objects in the sea chest and interaction between the participants and the narrator, the harsh seaman’s life in the VOC days becomes visible and tangible.

Number of participants: max 30
Days: during opening hours
Costs: entrance fee

Help the archaeologist

Kinderen tijdens 'Help de conservator'The museum often receives finds. Coming from the beach or found in shipwrecks in the Wadden Sea by divers. It is the task of the archaeologist to figure out the story behind the finds. What is it? What was it used for? Where does it come from? How old is it? He/She can use some help with this puzzel. Join the rest of the group and experience what it’s like to be an archaeologist.

Number of participants: max 30
Days: during opening hours
Costs: entrance fee