About Museum Kaap Skil

Museum Kaap Skil is a versatile museum about Texel’s maritime history. The name refers to the shipping and the location of the museum. A Kaap is a beacon for ships, an important navigational mark on land. The impressive museum entrance building can rightly be called a beacon, a Kaap. Skil is the Texel name for the Oudeschild, the fishing village where Museum Kaap Skil is located.


Plattegrond Museum Kaap Skil

The entrance building to Museum Kaap Skil was awarded international prizes for the architecture and expositions. Behind the building is an open-air museum with authentically decorated fishermen’s cottages, a grain mill, beachcombing and various exhibits.

In the broadest sense, Museum Kaap Skil is about life with, about, at and along the sea. There are exhibits about the fisheries, shipping, beachcombing and the importance of Texel during the Golden Age. In these days, Texel was an important hub for shipping. The Roads of Texel lay off the coast of Oudeschild, the largest anchorage in the world. These days come to life on and around the lifelike model, where 160 miniature ships give a good impression of what it looked like.

Museum Kaap Skil has an exceptional history. It began as a one-time exhibit of surfaced objects from divers and beach finds from beachcombers. It was such a success that it was decided to look for a permanent location. In 1981, the Maritime & Jutters Museum was established. This is the forerunner of the present Museum Kaap Skil. The cooperation of the divers and beachcombers has continued of the years. The themes of the museum continue to expand, for example with the exhibits about fisheries, crafts, old ships and the Texel ferry service. When a new entrance hall was built in 2014, the name was changed.