Open Depot

Open dDive into the world of underwater archaeology in the Open Depot! The depot is located in the historical Granary. Here you’ll find a diversity of artefacts, all of which have been retrieved by divers from centuries-old shipwrecks.

Archaeology underwater

Due to shipwrecks on the Texel Roads in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century, hundreds of ships ended up on the seabed. These were mainly trading vessels, with destinations to and from all corners of the world. For centuries these ships have been buried under sand, preserved against the test of time. But sometimes seawater washes the sand away and a wreck becomes exposed again. Divers are then able to discover parts of the ship, the crew’s personal belongings and trading goods. In the Open Depot you can see a selection of the many thousands of objects which have been recovered by divers from the seabed near Texel.