The Palmwood wreck discovered

Buttons from an oriental kaftan, found in the Palmwood wreck

In the Wadden Sea there often is only maximum vision of half a metre as the water is so cloudy. Despite the limited vision sometimes a spectacular discovery is done. This also occurred in 2014, when sand washed away on the Burgzand exposed a part of a wreck lying there.

Exclusive cargo

The ship was wrecked on the Texel Roads in approximately 1650. The ship had just returned from a far journey, with boxwood as deck cargo. Boxwood, also known as palmwood, is high quality hardwood which was destined for luxury furniture making. For this reason, the wreck was given the name ‘Palmwood Wreck’. But wood was not the only cargo. A unique collection of seventeenth century textiles with corresponding utensils was found in the wreck.


The objects from the Palmwood Wreck are property of the Dutch government. The finds have been extensively researched and conserved. Some artefacts have been restored. A selection of objects from the Palmwood Wreck is on display in the exhibition Palmwoodwreck.